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Join Our Shark Research Team


Choose the Duration and Dates for Your Stay

We prioritise the quality of your experience and encourage you to grasp the fundamentals of scientific data collection. The internship offers a flexible duration, with a minimum commitment of one month, extendable up to three months. Operating from February to November annually, applications are welcome year-round, allowing you to align your internship with the months that suit you best.


Send your CV and Motivation to or

Share some insights about yourself and your experiences, and express why you're eager to be part of the SharkWise Project Marine Internship. Providing these insights will enable us to understand you better and tailor the internship experience to suit your goals and interests.


Schedule an Interview with Our Manager

No need to worry – the interview is an opportunity to meet the SharkWise Manager and ask any questions you may have about the internship or your travel plans to South Africa.

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