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Protecting Sharks, Empowering Futures

Join The SharkWise Project Mission

Welcome to our Donation Page, where your support becomes a vital force driving marine conservation forward. At the SharkWise Project, we are passionate about fostering a sustainable future for our oceans. Your generous contributions play a pivotal role in supporting our research, empowering interns, and advancing our mission. Whether you choose to donate funds, skills, second-hand diving equipment, empower students through scholarships, or share our journey on social media, your generosity fuels our mission. Thank you for considering supporting the SharkWise Project – together, we make waves of positive change, preserve marine ecosystems, and empower the next generation of conservation leaders.



We believe in the power of collective support to advance marine conservation, and your contribution can make a significant impact. Whether it's sharing your skills, providing second-hand diving equipment or cameras, or simply engaging with us on social media by liking and sharing our posts, your involvement matters. Your generosity helps us continue our research, conservation efforts, and educational initiatives. Every action, no matter how small, brings us closer to a sustainable and thriving marine ecosystem.

Small Business



We're reaching out to small businesses because we believe in the power of community collaboration for a greater cause. As we strive to make our marine internship more accessible over time, we need research equipment and logistical support. Contributions towards scuba diving equipment, computers, fuel, boat equipment, and other essentials would significantly enhance our capabilities and affordability. Your support can fuel the next generation of marine researchers and conservationists. We invite you to join us in this journey toward sustainable marine practices, making a lasting impact on our oceans. Your generosity, no matter the scale, will help shape the future of marine conservation. Thank you for considering supporting the SharkWise Project.



We extend our invitation to become catalysts for change by supporting scholarships within our internship program. Our mission is to ensure that everyone, regardless of financial constraints or experience levels, has an opportunity to participate in the transformative experience offered by the SharkWise Project. Committed to fostering diversity and inclusivity, we aim to provide merit positions for financially disadvantaged South African students. Your corporate support will empower aspiring individuals, unlocking their potential in the realm of marine conservation. Join us in making education opportunities accessible to all, shaping a future where everyone can contribute to the well-being of our oceans.

Italtile's Support Lays the Foundation for Our Marine Conservation Success

A massive shout-out to Italtile and the Italtile Foundation for their tremendous support! Their generous contribution, particularly in funding, has enabled us to acquire essential research equipment, including underwater cameras, GoPros, and wetsuits. Italtile's commitment to our cause significantly enhances our capabilities in marine research, allowing us to capture and document the wonders of the underwater world. Their support propels our mission forward, and we're deeply grateful for their dedication to advancing our research initiatives. Thank you, Italtile, for being a crucial partner in our pursuit of marine conservation and exploration!

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